welcom 2 da smeg zone!

hey buddie listen up. this is smegmor and this is the Official smegmor Website. okay? pls take a look around at all the Cool Stuff. click on some things. Browse. surf the net. maybe even googel.

if u look below there are wicked sick links to clicc on:

Smegmor Shopping Network (SSN)

give $$$ pls

QVC? ..trash. walmart? ...bad. am'azon? ....illegal. Ebay... even badder. the only place u should be spending ur money is at the smegmor shopping network here you can buy the latest semgmor mercahndise. give smegmor your SSN

DIY healthy Jenkem recipes

dam.. makes me wana sniff

jenkem not bad 4 you.. jenkem good. unfortunately this section is under construcction com back later. Legalize jenk.

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whom is The smegmor?? what is smegmor? so many questions..... so little time.

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